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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Stones Special...

Timely as ever (i.e. a week after they played a ('scuse the pun) stone's throw from our gaffe, the Stones themed Bobcast 15 is now up for your delectation...Their Satanic Majesties request etc. etc. etc.

Regarding the previous post, I have had a refinement (??)

Howzabout, now then now then, now then etc. etc. (get on with it, Saville-hating Ed.) you lovely people, what is listening, all you guys and gals (...he won't listen, will he? S-H Ed.) choosing a t-o-p-i-c (...Christ, he thinks he *is* Sir James of Saville, Professor...shet - now *I'm* at it an' all....) and yours truly here will try and pick what have you yes indeedy some discs on that -as it 'appens, can you believe it, urggh-eeeurggg-eee-urghhh self-same subject, thank you brothers and sisters, oh, my golly goodness , yes...

Maestro please...

(I give up. Ed.)

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  1. blimey...steady on...just finished BC13...most entertaining and a nice version of More than This at the end by the way.

  2. Lettuce, Rambling Woman and Molly Bloom says: Love Lives of the Famous.

  3. Blimey - you are on a bit of a roll Swipey! I can't do another for at least a week. My very famous musician that I am working with (I can't reveal who it is until I've shot it on Sunday although I think you know who it is) is taking up all my time 09:00 - 22:00 are my hours each day at the moment - no time for hardly commenting let alone blogging and definately no pooh-casts although I'm planning a monster. Will download yours for my journey tomorrow! x

  4. Excellent Ro-Mo - and give my love to Beck...

  5. Lettuce, Rambling Woman and Molly Bloom:

    So you want 45 minutes of music with a theme of love lives of the rich and famous, do you....????


    How was the wang dang doodle?

    Food and booze aplenty, I trust??

  6. Just your usual keenly focussed self will be fine Robert. Thank you.

  7. as far as i do compliments.....i suppose it was....


  8. Aah Bob - thank you - I laughed so much when you were describing me with my trademark tights round me ankles in the BHF shop and again nearly crashed the car with great merriment! Haven't finished yet - excellent pod so far - how funny - I have lined up the original of Down Home Girl for my next pooh. xx

  9. Oh and it really cheered me up as I was having the sort of morning Mollster had yesterday and feeling a bit mopey.x

  10. Was going to suggest that the comedy or Eno themed podcasts would be worth a listen, but couldn't post any comments last night. I could always fastforward through the U2 tracks on the latter.

    Have caught up with volumes 13 and 14. "Brian Wilson was this 20 stone ... no, more like 40 stone blob". Classic.

    If Rockmother is feeling a bit mopey, I'm feeling really bloody hacked off and gloomy. Is it something to do with atmospheric conditions?

  11. Yes - I think so - I'm having another downer moment myself! Can't seem to get going today and I have got SO MUCH TO BLOODY DO. As my granny used to say: "don't worry - at least you've got your legs".

  12. I'm a little run down today and am not feeling my best so If I could actually listen to them I would like something cheering.

    ps. Footie is worse than shite. Just found out Curtis Davies has been ruled out for 10 weeks with a broken foot ....*sob*

  13. Lovely Rollers Podcast Bobster. I really liked it! Yay!

  14. Thanaks everyone.

    bb: I told you you should have sold him to us!

  15. Come on folks - cheer up!

    Go over to Spinny's comments if you want to get *really* depressed....

  16. Nice podcast Robert. Never been much of a Stones fan myself apart from a couple of singles...'Satisfaction', 'Brown Sugar'. Not sure why. They always sound tired to me, plodding. Sacrilege I know. Thanks anyway.

  17. That was enjoyable, Bob. You dared to play two songs from 'Satanic Majesties'.

    Nice one, keepie-upie, please.

  18. Yeah Bob but this way we're only going to be without him for 10 weeks not forever ! And anyway its bad enough we lost Kuzey to Manc United, I don't think I could cope if Small Dave deserted us as well