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Monday, 28 August 2006

Found Objects...

The currently AWOL (wha'pen there?) Ro-Mo had an excellent idea. We could set up a blog page where anyone who wants to could put up assorted writings, detritus, juvenilia etc. We'd call it Recovered Notebooks and it would be a hoot. Well, we set it up about 3 months ago and *still* neither of us has put anything up. So I thought I would, if only to chivvy the Mother of Rock into putting up a few photos of here from her Julie Christie/Juliette Greco-esque prime. It's only a little scrap to get the ball rolling, but what the heck, eh? It's here if anyone's interested...

Just to add extra incentive, I've put up a really scrummy* piccy of me trying to look like Transformer-era Lou Reed (only much better looking, obviously.)**

Anyone who's interested, contact Ro-Mo or me. We just need an email address to be able to assign membership to you via blogger.




*That's typed with *heavy* irony, obviously...

**Parting monitor please note: *no* parting...

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  1. Oh Bob, you do make me laugh.

    I've been considering posting up some of my teenage diary entries over at my place for a while now.

    I'm saving them for when things get really desperate.

    The Parting Monitor.

  2. Ahh, Spinster......

    "I got the money, I got the place - you got the figure, you got the face...let's get together the two of us over a glass of champiyen..."

    Honestly, you're meant to swoon at the piccys, not 'ave a larf...

    Seriously - any you don't post up, you're more than welcome. btw It's not a come on - I can be trusted. Ask Mollster if you don't believe me.


    How was Reading? Any joy. At first I missed the context - thought it was some Brooky basics style remedial class you attended - Janet & John and all that...

  3. I've been meaning to put up stuff for months but got sidetracked into the land of poohcasting and commentbox quizzes! OK you've chivvied me into action - I'll put up stuff this week! What photo's??? Going there now to check what the hell you've done!

  4. Ro-Mo - what *have* you done to your blog????


  5. 1. Yay! RoMo is alive and well.
    2. That picture does really look like Lou Reed.
    3. Yes...let me put some stuff up there. You know'll be full of amateur writing within days and put everyone off.
    4. can trust Bobster.
    5. Let us resurrect RoMo through the ages...via Julie Christie. I'm so glad she is alive that I am going to eat a piece of cheese. That's what I do when I'm happy. And maybe crack open the Archies.
    6. I like the note of slight panic in RoMo's 'voice' when she says, 'Why what have you done?'

  6. Bob - there is nothing wrong with my blog - I can see it and I've had comments - keep refreshing I'm sure that should work but as I said - I think there is something up with Blogger - I had the same last week. I'm sure I'll be back on tomorrow

    Molly - the panic in my voice was that I read Bob's post far too quickly and thought he had posted up a photo of me in my 'younger' days!

  7. I can't see it RoMo...and nor can Jiff.
    We're sending out a search party.

  8. I've just re-published following Betty's tip - has that worked? Thank god for Bob's comment box - I've been kidnapped by Blogger! Heeeeelp!

  9. "The Parting Monitor."

    It's such *sweet* sorrow, isn't it Spin??