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Saturday, 26 November 2005

An open letter to the Adam Smith Institute

Howdy Swipesters!!

Well, say what you like about free-market capitalism, but I for one am starting to wonder if it isn't all bully for the market bit and shove it up yer bollocks with a friggin' great stick for the free part! I wanted to pass on my best wishes to The Adam Smitrh Institute - an organisation I have an enormous amount of respect and time for and (to nip an incipient rant in the bud and get straight to the bones of it) - dang it if they didn't refuse to publish my carefully worded and lovingly typed little eulogy:

Dear Adam,

I think it would be just peachy if you could add a little link to my brother's satirical blog site from your cute little Free-market think tank page! He's very much of the same intellectual persuasion as your good self - but, heck! we can't all be Einstein, right! - and I know it would just make his day if you could add The Robert Swipe Show to your illustrious list of blogs. (Besides, judging by your joke of the day, you need a bit of humour here, dang it!!)

Love on ya - and good luck with the global capitalsim thing!

Roberta Swipe (Mrs)

Still, I'm OK - bruised pride aside, obviously. But you get my drift here? It's almost like those guys are all keen and dandy on the freedom bit when it suits them, but if they don't like the cut of someone's jib (and I can't exactly help being Jewish, can I?!) they just don't want to know....

But nil desperandum Swipesters!! Fortunately, there is a trackback facility over at the ASI, so anyone who cares to see the rejected eulogies to liberal free-marketeering will be referred back here and I get the link anyway!! But it makes you think, doesn't it?

Love on y'all,


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