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Saturday, 26 November 2005

Part Two of our Exclusive "Cut out and Keep" Roberta Swipe Series Featuring FREE Wallpaper Exclusive!!!

Woah Swipesters!!

Roberta Swipe - link whore to the stars....

Well, I kinda knew something like this might happen. But when I sought to placate the slavering global interest in our USA Entertainments correspondent Roberta Swipe (no relation) by agreeing to post up a composite photo of the delectable sex bomb (and highly respected journalist) I never conceived that it would spark such a feeding frenzy of rampant testosterone, financial impropriety and downright, dirty-talking threats! But there you go, she's some lady!! And as I have some kind of a moral duty to attempt to at least try to keep some kinda grip on our ever-exploding population, I am having to post up installment 2 of the series a lot pretty damn quicker than I ever invisaged, that's for dang sure.

Before I post the second installment though, I'd just like to thank all those of you who took the time to multiple vote for The Show in the highly dubious (and thanks to all the cheating, completely meaningless and discredited) Top Comedy Sites poll. Obviously, I can't be held responsible for the paucity of integrity shown by all those double, triple and occasionally quadruple voters who, out of misguided loyalty to The Show set aside any moral or ethical dimensions they may once have had to try to rig the vote there in such an unscrupulous and demeaning fashion. Whilst I find it hard to be outright mad at these people who, with all good and noble intentions, have behaved so abominably, I will say this: Jees guys - if you're gonna cheat, don't do things by halves, dang it!! If you can do it 4 times, why not 4 hundred? 4 thousand even? Come on guys - pull your socks up! We're aiming for world domination here!!!

(Serious note: at one point we got to Number 10 and I'm very grateful really to everyone what voted, regardless of how often. I heart you guys!)

So now, what you've all been waiting for - the second installment of our Cut out and Keep Roberta Swipe, brought to you by Swipe Enterprises in association with Twickenham Fine Ales and Laboratoire Garnier, the one the only, the highly desirable(and comparatively cheap for a supposedly high class call girl who's not averse to obliging on some of those more demeaning requests that are sometimes made of her by her dubious and so-called clients), Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - Ms. Roberta Swipe!!!!!

Part two: the calves, knees, thighs and hips:

And don't forget Swipesters the Roberta Swipe wallpaper offer is exclusive to our readers: just rotate the image above by 90 degrees, right click on the image and choose 'set as wallpaper' and you could be sitting there all day staring at Roberta's lithe and lovely frame when you should be working - just like I do!!

Love on y'all,


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