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Saturday, 19 November 2005

Paltrow lands Emily Maitlis role in new bio-pic!

You Swipesters!!

News just in that Gwyneth Paltrow has just been chosen to play the lead role in a forthcoming film based on the life of BBC London News presenter, Emily Maitlis.


beat stern opposition from Kristin Scott Thomas

Helena Bonham-Carter

Beatrice Dalle

Keeley Hawes

and Wendy Craig

to play the sexy siren of BBC's flagship regional news bulletin.

The film traces Emily's rise from obscure Sky TV news presenter to BBC regional news presenter and the producers promise that the movie will present Maitlis in a completely new light. "Most viewers think of her as a suave, seemlessly professional tele-journalist who has her finger on the pulse of the Capital, one who is equally happy relaying the major events or touching human interest stories that make up life in the bustling Metropolis. But we think that under that facade there is a passionate, sensual woman just bursting to get out and paint the town red in an orgy of doomed love affairs, seedy copulation and ultimately tragic dissipation.

We think Gwyneth is just the woman to get under her skin and find the real Emily, even if we have to reset the action in an 18th Century Libertine bordello for her to do so!

Emily: the lady lived to love opens in cinemas throughout the UK next year.

Love on y'all,


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