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Tuesday, 29 November 2005

A Personal Message From Mardin Antlers

Hi Swipe Readers,

Bob has asked me to pass on his apologies for being unable to post today. He's been feeling a little under the weather over the last 24 hours and has reluctantly taken his doctors' advice to rest up for a day or so and try and beat the little bout of fever he's picked up. His doctors aren't 100% sure of the cause of his ague, but they think they may have narrowed it down a little. Last night was the first night since June of 1984 that no alcohol or similarly destructive chemicals have entered Bob's bloodstream - in fact, he'd just started out on a bottled mineral water and raw vegetable diet as, let's be frank here, he has bulked out somewhat over the last few months! Obviously, it's still too early to know for sure, but I've been asked by the medical experts on hand to pass this on to you - though I must stress that this is still all very speculative, so please don't be too alarmed: although they're reasonably sure that he hasn't contracted it, the doctors still can't rule out Evian flu.

Bob has asked me to aplogise to those with whom he had appointments and has had to cancel - he will make space in his diary as soon as he's back on track. He would also like me to send out his Birthday greeting to A. Radiographer who will be celebrating his 58th Birthday today - "way to go, A!" says
Bob, and he'd like to thank you very much for those internals - he said you'd know what he meant.....!

A. Radiographer: 58 today!

It just leaves me to pass on a written statement from Bob, dictated to his stenographer from his sickbed:

"Hi Swipesters!!

Sorry I can't be with you in person. Last night, Ma Swipe said to me, "Bob, do you feel better for not drinking this evening?" and I replied, "No honey, you feel better after seeing the doctor!"

See, I can still laugh through the tears!!

Love on y'all,


Indeed. Please allow me to take this opportunity to plug my own weblog and wish you all a very good day,


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