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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

At last! Zoe Telford's legs!!!!!

But don't get too excited, Swipesters. The legs are nude. I know, I know, I 've got you all excited for nothing, but at least it's better than nothing, right?

Still no word from Zoe herself, I'm afraid but give it time...

Oh, and this just came through form the boffins here at Swipe Towers - apologies about the fat Insurance salesman who insisted on getting in on the act. Some people, huh?

Anyone who is concerned at the thoroughness of my search should remember that I have other things to do besides surfing the web for erotic photographs of up and coming British actresses!

And, if you've got the time that I patently haven't, there's a description of her nudity here if you can be bothered to scroll all the way down to the Television section.


Love on y'all,


p.s. Zoe, I know it might not look like it, but I am still completely 100% all-man in the downstairs department - so for heaven's sake get in touch!

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