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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Friends reunited update #2784

Hi gang!

I suppose a lot of you will be quite shocked by the "new look". Feels kinda weird for me too but, hey, I'm gettin' used to it. Certainly is quite something to be on the receiving end of those wolf whistles for a change! But for those of you who are worried that this is a change too far, I gotta tell you: relax! I'm still the same sweet person underneath. And don't worry, the 'new' me will still be decked out in a microskirt, stockings and suspenders and a pair of implausibly high heels, just like I always was back in the playground!

Anyway, I gotta shoot - I got a "nine o'clock" and he's a real stickler for punctuality - I don't want him to have to "discipline me" or anything, now do I? What the heck...??

Hope you are all as happy in your lives as I am in mine...

Love on y'all,


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