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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sally Bretton - an appeal

Ho Swipesters!

Following the entirely predictable deluge of visits following the previous post I have decided to broaden the net in the cause of my own shameless self-promotion. Consequently, I have also mailed the lovely Sally Bretton, Zoe Telford's lovely co-star in the lovely BBC series Absolute Power, in the hope that I can work a similar scam as with Zoe Telford (That's the lovely Zoe Telford who appeared in today's earlier posting, "Zoe Telford - a further appeal" and prior to that in the posting "Zoe Telford - an appeal". It seems that this is by no means an isolated occurence, witness this poor chap's blog which has been inundated with visitors because he happened to mention Sally Bretton in passing several years ago. Honestly, you guys are like seagulls 'round a pilchard trawler, non? So, for all fan's of Sally Bretton, I'd like to announce that I've sent the same message to her agent as I sent to the lovely Zoe Telford's, which can be viewed in the earlier post (obviously, I changed the bits that read Zoe Telford to read Sally Bretton first...)

As a point of interest, Sally Bretton has been a tad more pro-active on this issue than her co-star Zoe Telford. Sally Bretton at least went to the trouble of setting up her own website. Sadly though, those in need of a quick visual reminder of her numerous charms will find, as I did, that the website is seemingly defunct (as you can see for yourself if you try the link at the top of this posting) The lesson? Well, it seems that even TV stars can neglect to pay their ISP bills...

Zoe Telford watch: No word yet. Possibly on holiday? More updates to follow.

Love on y'all and y'all have a good weekend now,

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