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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Names to faces...

Wonderful post over at Betty's Utility where dazzling Amanda Donohoe look alike Betty ponders what some of her favourite anonymous bloggers look like. Sadly, being new to the lengthy line of totty currently forming an orderly queue opposite Swipe Towers for a glimpse of my cock-rot riddled member, Bet probably doesn't realise just how far off beam she is when she compares your humble scribe to Carlos the Jackal (above). She's pretty spot on with all the others, mind. Now, I know a good idea when I see one (unfortunately, I also know plenty of bad ones, so it doesn't really make much difference as they tend to balance out in the long run, but there you go...), so I thought, "why not just blatantly rip her off and then that's tomorrow's post sorted out!". So I have. Here it is: (with occasional updates [in italics] if any of you can bothered to dispute/correct my guesswork...)

Betty's Utility: Amanda Donohoe in a nurse outfit (gratuitous, but fair, I think...)

Blind Flaneur: Rupert Everett playing Sherlock Holmes.

Brian Damage: Teri Hatcher.

Ceridwen Devi: Scarlet Johanson in Ghost World (only with more peircings, I fancy) Or perhaps the woman who used to be Max's grungey step-daughter with the nose peircing in Brookside and is now the blonde one in Murder in Suburbia?

Cultural Snow: that bloke with the beard who presented The Games on Channel 4.

Cyberamiga: Sykes era Hattie Jacques (it's all the chocolate..)

Dickley Head: Saul Bellow (with a dash of Michael Caine, apparently...)

Food of Goats: Brian Blessed.

Fred and Freds: Mike & Bernie Winters (not sure which is which though...)

Mr. Betty's Utility: Oliver Reed (the fun they must have recreating scenes from the film Castaway...)

Lucien la Peste: Adrian Belew playing Mark Knopfler in a made-for-TV Dire Straits bio-pic.

Mike da Hat: Lemmy from Motorhead.

Molly Bloom: Penelope Wilton in her prime (phwoooar, lovely, lovely, lovely...)

Hannah: Darryl Hannah, oddly enough...or possibly Hannah Gordon???

Oye Billy!: Paul Simenon. (With Sean Hughes on standby) Or possibly someone from the Fenn Street Gang (Betty) or Robert Lindsay in Get Some in (Bob again)

The Lydster: Jamie Lee Curtis.

Pootergeek: My mate Terry who now lives in Spain.

Ro-Mo: Julie Christie with her head in the bowl after a crate too many 'buie breezers...

Scary Duck: Simon Bates.

The Lovely Sonia: Chelsea (Chelsey?) from Eastenders.

Spinny: Leanne Battersby (with a perm, obviously...)

Norbert Trouser Quandry: George Sanders.

Underpants Project: Winona Ryder.

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