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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Post #983...

I just wanted to take this opportunity, as we near the end, to thank those of you who have kept reading me. It struck me today that there was a degree of near bravery attached to your continued presence here - not to mention the obvious elements of masochism and - stop me if I'm a bit near the mark here - perhaps more than a little obduracy. We have something in common, at least; reader and author tenuously united in their shared determination to see this thing through to the bitter end. There's a sort of courage in sharing, however tangentially, the suffering and ridicule of another. Please, don't ever think it isn't greatly appreciated.

As we've adopted so personal a tone for this one, I suppose I might as well name names (or nerm nerms, as we say at home, when we're being silly). Apologies to anyone lurking who's not made themselves known to me, but a hearty thank you to the following: Dave, Rog, Mme. (and for all I know, M.) DeFarge, Jendocino, Kev, so fleetingly he may well have given up like so many others Dickster, purely for old times sakes as I'm sure she is away with the tweeters and having her own life/blog-interface issues, Spinsterella and, how can I forget? All the kind souls over at the Rufus Sewell message board - there, that should get me a few more hits, eh!

And that, I think is it - again, apologies if you have been reading or commenting and are miffed that I've not mentioned you. Contrary to every conceivable appearance to the contrary, I do vastly appreciate anyone having taken the time to have read even the smallest portion of this - how did it ever get this far? - this vast opus. I had it in my mind quite early on that one day these blogs would make a sort of ultra-experimental modernist novel when viewed with enough distance from their diary origins. My apologies that this will test the limits even of such a highly fluid narrative form. But there you go - we can't all be Shakespeare. But then, I guess old Will never got to thank all his readers personally, as I have. That's the trade off.

Thank you. There's not too much more for you to endure...


  1. Come, come (as I have been known to say/suggest/encourage [take your pick]) 'near the end'? We've only just begun.

  2. Luv on Ya!

    Stop moping and go and visit Kaz to put everything in perspective.

    Keep it up old chap....

  3. I don't think you should feel at all envious of Kaz.

  4. I read this with such sadness. I only just recently found you, Bob. How can you say you'll be going away?

    The internet is so big, and yet you're one of the most interesting things on it. That counts for something, does it not?

    I won't beg you to stay. I know first-hand how exhausting purging creative energy into the internet void can be. But I will beg you to come back. Take a breather. Relax. Rejuvenate. But come back when you're ready.

    I'll be right here, lurking about, reading up on some of your older posts. And when you get back, I'll know you a little better and we'll have some great things to talk about.

    Just don't go away for good, Bob. I couldn't bear it. And I know I'm not the only one.