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Monday, 24 October 2005

Binge Publicans - you heard it here first!!!!!!

Woah Swipesters!!

As you know, we here at Swipe Towers never like to crow when we bag a major news story days, weeks - or as in this case - even months before the mainstream Me-jah. But, dang it, it happens so rarely that we are gonna crow it big time over this little beauty!!

You'll remember that way back in August we gave you this little item. Well, those bigwigs on Fleet Street have finally caught up and were posting stories like this yesterday - without even so much as a credit to the loyal reporting staff here at S.T. Now, doesn't that make you wanna go to a packed bar filled with scantily clad alcoholics simulatiung sex and knock back several dozen sambucas with a white spirit chaser or what??

Love on y'all,


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