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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

T'ai Chi Made Easy!! With GMTV's Penny Smith!!

Lesson 12 - "Preparing for Combat"

Penny Says: "If T'ai Chi Ch'uan is about anything, it's about transfering mental energy into physical power. Here I am trying to look into John Stapleton's eyes and detect even the slightest glimmer of intent on his part. As soon as I see the thought instruction to attack cross his mind, I'm on him like a crazed harpie, pounding his chest with my fists and wrapping my saucy-booted calves around his pelvis so tight, digging my heels into his arse cheeks so hard that he's already started wishing he'd never applied for that job on the Manchester Evening Post all those years ago! And then, in a flash, the moment passes, and I am once again standing proud and erect and eminently victorious - AH SO!!!"

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