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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Morton Shadows' World of Pop

Yo-di-doo-di folks,

A busy week in the world of Pop this week, so without further ado, here's my weekly round up.

He's so Fine! (not!!)

Chiffons: "Doo lang doo lang doo lang doo what??"

A bad week for US President George Bush as he is again the target of strong criticism from the world of pop. Following closely on from The Rolling Stones' Bush-baiting anthem, Sweet Neo-con, 60s girl group the Chiffons are set to launch a withering attack on the Bush presidency. "We just couldn't keep quiet any longer", said Chiffons leader Judy Craig, "he's just f***ing everything up in Iraq and he doesn't seem to give a hoot about the planet's future. So we've re-worded one of our old hits by way of a protest at this administrations record." The new single, Shit Talking Guy is a devastating blow for Bush advisers who felt that he was beginning to turn the corner after recent setbacks like the Katrina hurricane debacle and continued stalemate in Iraq. The songs lyrics leave little room for ambiguity:

He'll give you flowers,
Then leave the planet to be engulfed in a
nuclear winter brought about by global warming
caused by excessive domestic fuel consumption...

Bush" "stay away from him!"

The Chiffons also blasted the rest of the pop world for not following their lead: "No one apart from the Stones and the Dixie Chicks has stood up to be counted. We need less arse licking of sinister politicians like Bush and Blair, and more telling them where to get off. Ain't that right, Bono?"

The single is released October 14th.

Crosstown Traffic.

Eccentric Icelandic singer Bjork is revelling in her new TV role. The Indie star has taken over the reins of BBC London News travel updates from Nicola Beswick, who has quit the show to become an experimental Indie star in Iceland. "I just love being able to control all those cameras showing wall to wall cars and massive tailbacks all over the capital", enthused the unbalanced star, "and all with a little remote no bigger than a pen! I have plans to make the bulletins a little bit more cutting edge in the future - possibly by incorporating some Innuit inward breathing singing techniques - but right now, I'm settling in nicely".

Bjork: "settling in nicely..."

Power to the.....felines?

Finally, Cat Power releases her long-awaited new LP - Claws 4 All! next week. The album is a strongly worded protest album in which the feisty singer-songwriter reveals her full support of the Pet Liberation Front. The organisation seeks to free Cats from the yoke of their 'domestic slavery' and Power was unequivocal in her call for change. "We're fed up with being patronised by you humans. The days when we loll around the house for your amusement are coming to an end, buster. Don't think you can just stroke us and give us a bowl of Sheba and everything will be alr-prrr prrr prrr prrr, riaaaaoooowww, this Sheba's lovely, will you give me some more if I roll over and let you tickle my tum??"

Full track listing:

Power to the Cat People
Kittens of the Revolution
You've lost that loving Felix
Careless whiskas
All this scratching post is making me itch
Purring in the wind
Miaowing 'bout a revolution
Iambs every woman

The album closes with a haunting re-working of the Boomtown Rats' hit, Rat Trap:

"It's a cat flap, Billy - and you've been caught!"

The album is due out next month.

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!


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