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Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Q; Are There Any Pictures on the Web of Naomi Cleaver Wearing boots? Those really pointy ones she wears, pacing around saying how crud your home is?

....well, I've looked, and I can't see any.

This is about the best I've been able to come up with - but, hey, hold the phone! You can't even see the ankles!" Let alone the heels!! What good, I ask, is that?

You'll agree, it's not up to much - oh sure, she seems to be posed in an accomodating enough way - if you like that kind of thing. But I'm kind of a stickler for the details, if you know what I'm saying. Someone says to me, Cleaver, Naomi - and I think "Woah!! Kinky dominatrix boots a mile high and so tight they pinch!" (..and sometimes there's a whip ivolved...)

Oh sure, there's a lot of interesting things out there on the web if you spend the time searching, like The British Spanking Community ...who, quite understandably have a bit of a thing about her.

You can even get Naomi to take you around on a bus tour (if you really want to spend all day looking at pretentious modern architecture when you could be surfing the net for porn...)

And I've even come across someone who is so obsessed they've started up a Cleaver Watch

(Now, that sounds familiar....)

But Boots? Schmoots!

And they're sooo like her trademark that I have to confess to being totally surprised by all this. But, as regular readers will know, you can't keep a good Swipe down. I'm like the Mounties (well, I like dressing up in uniform, getting friendly with moose and I drink a heck of a lot of Molson's...) - I always get my girl (....and before you say anything - I haven't forgotten Zoe Telfoerd and yes, I'm still working on Dita...It's just that the swans have kinda dried up a bit of late...)

So, in short, I'll keep you posted and I will get that booty pic - even if it kills me!! (.....Or if we have to photoshop a pair on to this picture:)

Love on y'all,


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