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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake Appeal.


As you will no doubt be aware, the Pakistan/Kashmir region is still reeling from the awful effects of the recent earthquakes there. As seems to be increasingly the case, the international relief agencies have been slow to respond and the situation onthe ground is still far from ideal, despite the best of their intentions.

Obviously, as a humble personal weblog, there's little we here at Swipe Towers can do out on the frontline, but what we can do is highlight the areas of the operation where help is most desperately needed and - with your help - try to get something done about it. And that we will do. To this end, I am personally launching an appeal and I'd like all Swipesters out there to dig deep so that we can help the poor people of the region rebuild there shattered lives.

It goes without saying that there are several very simple commodities that can make a huge difference very quickly - food, water, blankets etc. But one of the aspects of the disaster that often gets overlooked in the aftermath of such a calamity is the absence of high class television journalists. Currently, the BBC has only been able to send out diminutive Welsh presenter, Sian Williams, whilst GMTV have only been able to muster rookie news cub, Cordelia Stretchmark.

Williams: "in Muzzarabad"

Now, whilst Sian and Cordelia are both highly able anchors and model pros, there is obviously only so much that they can do. There are only so many 2-3 minute updates one can reasonably expect from even the most dedicated of news people - especially in these days of rolling 24 hour news channels. So I'm launching my "Presenters for Pakistan/Kashmir Appeal" and I'd like you all to give generously. We aim to raise enough to send out help to Sian and Cordelia. Bill Turnbull, Natasha Kaplinsky, John Stapleton and Penny Smith - with your help, all of these first class TV faces could be out in Kashmir helping to bring the plight of the poor innocent victims of the earthquake to the attention of the world. Don't forget that even small sums in the region of £30,000 could keep a presenter out in the field for several months.

Stretchmark: "also in Muzzarabad"

So, Swipesters, dig deep! And let's bring the people of Kashmir/Pakistan the world-class news service they deserve!!

Love on y'all,


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