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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Mark E. Smith is My Dad Too!! Claims GMTV's Penny Smith!!

Yo! Swipesters!!

GMTV hot babe and alternative health guru Penny Smith

has claimed that, just like her GMTV colleage Claire Nasir, she too is the love child of Fall singer Mark E. Smith.

"Fortunately", said a sombre Penny, "I haven't inherited his unfortunate pronunciation problem the way that Claire (seen here practicing for her forthcoming tilt at the Yogic Flying Sudoku title) has.

And at least, unlike with her, he had the decency to leave me with his name, rather than forcing the poor child to make up something Arabic-sounding. Must be terrible for her going through customs and immigration. And I've got his legs too, which I suppose could be worse...Claire never lets anyone see hers but, believe me - she drew the short straw there!" Asked how the revelation had affected her relationship with her newly discovered half-sister, Penny was adamant that nothing had changed. "We still go in for the naked Sudoku mud-wrestling challenge

every weekend - although it has rather put the mockers on the lesbian love tryst we were hoping to have if we ever needed to up our profiles in the News of the World", joked the bubbly breakfast blonde. "Still, you can't have everything! And at least we know who to blame!! Imagine trying to get CSA payments out of that one!"

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