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Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Charity Shops "Worse than Bloody HMV" claims TV Realtor Allsop.

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Glamorous television property show host, Kirtsie Allsop, has controversially attacked the pricing policy of Britain's charity shops.

"Quite frankly, it's rip-off - especially the secondhand vinyl. I love nothing better than the warm sound of a 33 1/3 rpm LP in the background at home while I indulge in one of my lonely stripteases in front of the mirror of an evening. But you wouldn't believe what they're asking for some old scratched up records. I went into an Oxfam shop recently and they wanted £8.50 for an unplayable old Drifters album. I've seen Beatles LPs going for as much as £25.00 at the Cancer Research place. They're cheaper on blinking Ebay! Time was when you could potter around in a charity shop for hours and leave with an armful of vinyl and some vintage high heeled shoes

and feel that you'd got a couple of bargains and contributed to a worthy cause in the process. Now you've got to be 'Fifty Pound Man' just to look in the bleeding window!"

In an unrelated development, a new report into the Asian Tsunami has revealed that there were "massive administrative and logistical mistakes" made during the aid operation. Many involved duplication of effort and tension between competing agencies. One case revealed that a task force of several hundred aid workers descended on a sparsely populated village near Aceh and overwhelmed the handful of locals, forcing them to wear a series of garish handknitted sweaters and cardigans donated by British biddies, despite the scorching temperatures. Reports that there were what one relief worker described as "massive bundles" between Red Cross and Red Crescent workers which had to be broken up by Medecin sans Frontier operatives are denied in the report. It does however concede that some of the language used had been "plainly unacceptable" and emphasised that there was "no place for the word arse in a humanitarian relief operation".

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