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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Mourinho to star in his own biopic - Exclusive!!

Yo Swipesters!!

News reaches us this morning that Cheslea head coach and advertising star Jose Mourinho is set to play the lead role in a blockbuster film based upon the events of his own life. Film executives were quietly confident that the Cheslea boss would 'play a blinder' and were so confident he would 'wow' audiences that they even turned down Hollywood start George Clooney for the part. "We obviously rate George and think he's a wonderful actor, but for this role we just felt that Jose had the inside track. His specialist areas of expertise and the professional knowledge he will bring to the role are just unique", said an insider. "Obviously, in a role like this, it's easy to get someone who can go through the motions and you can use all manner of CGI tricks and visual effects to make it look as if they're healing the sick and helping the blind to see again. But we felt that there would be far greater authenticity if audiences could see someone who did such things for a living. It really is quite spectacular in places

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