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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

"'Frog Chorus' was Lennon's and I wrote 'Imagine'"! Stung Macca Responds to Ono Jibe.

Eh Ooop Swipesters!

McCartney: "ballsy"

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has responded to Yoko Ono's implicit criticism of his 'easy' hits by launching a scathing deconstruction of his former writing partner's work. "I don't want to get into a 'mine's bigger than yours' type row here, but basically the facts are simple - I wrote the good stuff, he wrote the crap stuff. I know some people will take this badly, and I'm sorry, but that was John - he couldn't write for toffee." McCartney went on, "a lot of people think I was a purveyor of slushy ballads and silly kiddies songs, but let's look at my solo career for example. I wrote the ballsy rockers like 'Junior's Farm', 'Smile Away' and 'I've Had Enough', But John's contribution was, well frankly, laughable: 'Frog Chorus', Mary Had a Little Lamb', and that bloody Rupert thing. OK, at least ';Give Ireland Back to the Irish' had a bit of poke. But those are the facts, John was just....shit, really." Asked about Lennon's all time classic, Imagine, McCartney responded angrily, "is that bloody woman sayin' he wrote that one too? I'll bloody 'ave 'er I will. That's mine. Well, Linda did help me out with the chorus a bit, I suppose."

Lennon: "shit"

The news of this latest bout of posthumous Beatle in-fighting comes as Oasis star and brother of Noel Gallagher,Liam has called Coldplay's Chris Martin "a plant pot". In a guarded message of support, Liam's brother Noel said, "I don't think I'd have used the same words as our kid. He' certainly not a plant pot as far as I'm concerned. A poncey Southern twat, perhaps...."

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