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Friday, 7 October 2005

The Robert Swipe Show - an update

Howdy Swipesters!!

Top of the morning to y'all!

I know regulars readers will be bored rigid by this, but we've been so inundated with new readers over the last couple months (we now have 10 - that's TEN! - visits a week, according to my stats) that I thought it might be nice to collate some of the long-running series we've been pursuing here on the Show as I fear there's a lot of good stuff that you kind people are missing out on - partly through the fact that, jeez, we're just so goddam productive here. But don't fear - uncle Bob is at hand to dredge some of the oldest but goldest out of the archives (and save himself having to come up with anything new on a Friday afternoon!!)

Oh, and while I have your attention, I know that from your point of you it's really nice and intimate to know that you're part of a small and discerning group who have stumbled onto this blog and realised that - yes, there is someone out there who's not afraid to come out and tell it like it is!! (although, obviously I have to clear it with the legal team first, er hem...) From my p.o.v. it's obviously more a case of "bums on seats" - although, there are obviously better places for them....but we won't go into that now. So, to conclude: please email the page to all your friends, family, priest, imams, rabbis -any damn one! And let's really make 1995 the year of the Swipesters!!

Go team!!!



Enough Mr. Motivator - here's the links:

The Belles de Jour

Brel de Jour 1

Brel de Jour 2

Beale de Jour

Pelling de Jour

Delle de Jour

Richard Helle de Jour

Alexander Graham Belle de Jour

Weather Girls/Newsreaders


Smith 1

Smith 2


Smith 3

Smith 4

McLean/Nasir 1

McLean/Nasir 2

Nasir 1

Nasir 2

Silverton/Beak 1

Silverton/Beak 2

Silverton/Beak 3

Nice Pins!!

Brian's legs 1

Brian's legs 2


Dita 1

Dita 2

Dita 3

Dita 4

Dita 5

Have y'all a good weekend!!

Love on y'all,


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